FIRST  Team 5125

Hawks On The Horizon


We are FIRST team 5125 Hawks on the Horizon, an FRC team and we are a part of a program called FIRST.  In this team, we do more than just robots. We help out our community at any given chance. We also want to give younger kids a good example and lead them by mentoring them in their lego robotic programs. In this team we strive to improve ourselves and hope to pass the baton to the next generation.


Through our experience, we learn that FIRST is much more than the robots we build. It's about the communication, leadership skills, commitment, and gracious professionalism we build and share among communities and teams. Our team goes to outreach events, looks for sponsors, and does much more.


2245 W Pershing Rd Chicago IL United States 60609

School: (773)247-8400   Mentor: (908)432-5330



School: (773)247-8400    Mentor: (908)432-5330


2245 W Pershing Rd Chicago IL United States 60609

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